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It addresses 12 areas of the golf swing from alignment and ball position to swing path and plane, not to mention swaying, slidding, chipping, and putting, too.

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"The Silent Pro" Golf Swing Trainer is interactive and teaches by "FEEL". Every lesson is a building block in the foundation of a fundamentally sound golf swing. By SEEING, HEARING, and FEELING right or wrong swings, your strongest senses will send this information directly to your brain and into its long term storage compartment

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Universal Acceptance

Our greatest supporters have come from the ranks of the PGA of America instructors. In most every case, these professionals have expressed that each "Silent Pro" application reinforces areas that they themselves already emphasize.


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Designed for convenience, the Silent Pro comes with a sleek carry case, allowing you to take your training anywhere. Whether you're at the driving range, practicing in your backyard, or on the road, your swing trainer is always within reach.

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  • Anti-Slice

    The most frequent and dreaded flight path taken by the ball is the SLICE. The Silent Pro set up in the Anti-slice configuration will forever eliminate your slice.

  • Impact Position

    The "Moment of truth" in your golf swing is the impact. The Silent Pro allows you to observe the shaft at impact, which should be nearly vertical with the hands just slightly forward.

  • Putting Track

    Your putting accounts for about 40% of all strokes during a round of golf. Use The Silent Pro to take strokes off your game and assure your putter is swing back and forward as straight as possible.

  • Ball Position & Alignment

    No more laying down clubs, painting lines on the ground, or even worse, practicing without any idea of where you are set up.

  • Lower Body Stability

    Too much motion in the lower body and little rotation in the upper body. this leads to poor balance, loss of power, and inconsistent ball striking. Fix that with the Silent Pro.

  • Swing Plane

    The Silent Pro was designed to allow you to both visualize proper swing plane and even practice in slow motion the feel of an on-plane swing.

  • Stringing The Green

    The Silent Pro makes it EASY to visualize the line of your putter path. No more suspending string above the green, this tool can do it all for you.

  • Angle Of Attack

    The Silent Pro gives players a sensation of working the arms and body together as a unit.

  • Swing Plane - In The Slot

    A great drill to warm up with, the Silent pro helps achieve a swing in the correct plane rapidly by using sight, hearing, and feel to register a strong and enduring message.

  • Shaft Extensions and Putting T's

    It is extremely difficult for the beginning player to feel both the proper pendulum motion in the putting stroke and in the proper chipping motion. Practice the right fundamentals with The Silent Pro

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